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The Burattino Country house is situated between Fiesole and Firenze in the heart of the Tuscan countryside.



Il Burattino Country House

It started life as a privately owned house at the beginning of the 5th century and soon became a 'riserva di caccia', a house for the huntsman. The Burattino Country house has always had a warm, welcoming environment where people can meet and spend time together. Over the years the house has been renovated and reconstructed a number of times, but always on the same grounds and with the same characteristic style. More than 5 hectares (12.4 acres) of land around the house are traditionally cultivated, growing many of the typical fruits of the Tuscan countryside, including olives and grapes. With the historic centres of Florance and Fiesole close by, there are many interesting day trips and excursions that can be made.
The rooms are spacious, comfortable and stylishly and furnished. You may also like to spend some time relaxing or reading in the lounge.

Please note that the structure is well served by city bus lines, taxi.


Our Rooms




La struttura del Burattino Country House è circondata appezzamenti di terreno coltivati ad olivo , e alberi da frutto.I mesi primaverili vedono l'impiego dei frutti di stagione per ottenere marmellate e conserve dal sapore antico , dove la loro preparazione prevede i vecchi metodi quelli di una volta. Mentre i mesi di Novembre e Dicembre ci dedichiamo alla raccolta di...  Continue